Fun for every day

Together, we are best friend. 

We are so luck to have 4 twins in the daycare at the same time.

Running is a must time in everyday outdoor play!

I like my teacher :)

 Ms. Jinnefer is playing Djembe. 

Happy Halloween!

Ms. Zoey is playing Guitar.

Ms. Summer is playing Violin.

Ms. Zoey is playing Hulusi. 

Kiwi give every child a luck pocket for 2017! (this is a Canada banknote from 1967, 1867-1967) 

 Do it by myself.

Congratulations! Our 16 children finish summer reading program, They all got a medal from library!

We copy a child's painting on the wall, it is so CUTE!

Apple Candy...Yummy

We are making chocolate strawberries,chocolate carrots and chocolate grapes today, it is so yummy!

Block time!

It is very difficult to take a nice photo......:)

Park Fun

Pick and eat,  cucumbers are Yummy!

On Sep 18, 2015, Ms. Susan's Son Hachi visit us as a special visitor, he is such a quiet and lovely puppy we have ever seen. All the children love Hachi! We are expecting to see Hachi next time around Christmas!

Ms. Cindy's father is a farmer, so we have harvest garden every year! We encourage children to observe and help us for garden work.

We are baking for FUN!

Water, water, water...


We played with Vounteers in park and stayed inside the tent, What a Fun Day!

Ms. Cindy picked some organic apples and plums this morning, so we try to make salad by our own!

We love Chalk! We love Summer!

Thanks for the big backyard, we can run everyday!