Recycle bottle for little friends

At Kiwi Childcare Centre, we collected recycle bottles to raise money for sponsoring children living in poverty in some . Noelia is the first child we sponsored through World Vision. She is so lovely and adorable.We hope every child’s family in our centre can get involved in recycling, not only for the environment, but also for those poor children’s future.


Low-carbon life

We encourage all the staffs in Kiwi Child Care centre to use public transportation system whenever possible by reimbursing partial of the costs. In the centre we only use energy-efficient and eco-friendly electrical appliances. We also only use recycling papers for arts and crafts. Protect environment for our future generations!


Eco Enzyme  

At KIWI, we produce eco enzyme by using kitchen waste (fruit and vegetable dregs), brown sugar and water. We use our homemade eco enzyme to clean kitchen and washroom and fertilize garden plants and vegetables. Eco enzyme can decompose pesticides, kill bacteria in water, convert to ozone and lower the temperature. Children learn the importance of protecting our environment through observing the eco enzyme production process. We also distribute our homemade eco enzyme to the parents to reduce their use of chemicals at home.


Organic Garden

At KIWI, we save our kitchen waste (fruit and vegetable dregs) and convert it to our garden fertilizer. Water used for washing milk bottles and rice is also recycled to water garden plants. By doing this, we help to reduce the use of natural resource, reduce the household waste and their disposals costs, and at the same time, produce fresh and organic vegetables and fruits for our children.