Our Team



Ms. Cindy      ITE,SPE,ECE
Manager of Infant/Toddler centre 

Head teacher of Infant group 


Early Childhood Educator 

Infant/Toddler Educator 

Special Needs Educator 

Montessori Infant/Toddler Educator  

Orff Music Educator

Emergency First Aid & CPR


Hobby: Crafting, Dancing with children.

Ms. Cindy can play Piano(level 8),Harmonica, Ukulele and Guqin.

Working since: 2005


I became an ECE teacher because I love children. I believe every child is a
gift from God, and they come to this world to love and to be loved. I enjoy
playing with children and taking care of them. I can understand children better
because I am a mother. I believe children should learn through playing and grow
in love.




Ms. Summer     ITE,ECE
Head teacher of Toddler group

Infant/Toddler Educator

Emergency First Aid & CPR


Hobby:Painting, Singing.

Ms. Summer can play Violin (level 3) and Ukulele.

Working since: 2013


I believe that children are born with the innate desire to learn and that
every child has the right to be taught in a way that they will eaily grasp and
understand based on their learning style. Through emergent curriculum and
awareness that not every child learns through the same methods, the individual,
cultural, and linguistic identities of children are respected and integrated
into my program and activities.




Ms. Bella    ECE
Teacher of Toddler group

Emergency First Aid & CPR


Hobby: Singing,Playing games with children. 

Ms. Bella can play Piano(level 6) and Hulusi(level 3),.

Working since: 2016



Ms. Lin    ECA

Teacher of Infant group


Hobby: Badminton, Reading.

Ms. Lin is the National Championship of Badminton in 2015.(WOW!)

Working Since:2017



Ms. Joyce     ECA

Assitant teacher of Infant group


Hobby: Yoga, Dancing, Crafting, Painting.

Ms. Joyce can play Piano(level 5), Guitar and Clarinet,

Ms. Joyce finished her peofessional Yoga training course in 2021.

Working since:2023



Ms. Lina    ECE

Teacher of Toddler group

Emergency First Aid & CPR


Hobby: Crafting, Singing.

Working since: 2023